Elegant hearing aids offer a new way of life with the comfort of understanding!

Hearing impaired people do not use the hearing aids just for sensing, they also use them to be able to understand.

With the new Elegant series; comprehensive Helix hearing aids maximizes the perception level of hearing impaired people. The new Elegant series gives a new life to the hearing impaired people with a better understanding capability and more naturel sound by keeping the frequency range wide and conducting the sound to the ear directly, different than WDRC system.

Environmental conditions makes it difficult to understand

Some environmental conditions do not only disturb, but also has a negative impact on dialogues which makes it difficult to communicate. Streets, shopping centers and even homes are under pressure of noise pollution. People with the weak understanding have less perception comparing to the people with the normal hearing.

Technology of Elegant saves the hearing impaired people from pressure of frequency based high noise pollution by providing wide dynamic range.

The nature of human kind is elegant and always deserves to live delicate. The hearing of human kind is elegant since their birth and characterizes them.

Most of the time your listeners might not be able to understand you.

Speech is one of the most important communication activities and everybody wants to hear and understand well. People communicate all the time because of the active lifestyle by nature.

Helix Elegant Hearing Aids General Features

Summarized technical specifications

  • 32 channel,
  • 16 channel MPO,
  • 32 channel speech management,
  • Adaptive environment recognization and localisation,
  • Adaptive feed back cancellation can be adjust in different versions.
  • Powerful and fast noise reduction against sudden sound picks and comfortable sounds,
  • Powerful precaution against to high wind noise effect,
  • Main structure that controls environmental sounds and noise reduction management,
  • Different microphone options,
  • Adaptive analyze system,
  • Data Logging,
  • Adjustable beep sounds,
  • Adjustable low battery signal,
  • Adjustable beep duration and levels,
  • Adjustable VC steps,
  • Fast adaptation technology.

Elite Groups:

Elite 8 channel,

Elite 16 channel,

Elite 32 channel,

The technical characters of the groups can be varied by themselves.

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