The world is sharing hearing problems with us , and we find the solutions

Getting smaller gets adored

Getting smaller gets precious

Getting smaller gets smarter

Beyond Hearing

Hearing more than one word,

Getting near to the real world of sounds, 

Enriching the life with sounds, 

Amplifying important consonants at high 

frequency such as F, S with wide frequency 

range and making understanding easier 

all are possible with the state-of-the-art 

technology offered by Helix.


If tinnitus is a problem for you, technologies we offer allows you to deal with the problem.

Insulates the frequency where Tinnitus is located at thanks to successful frequency insulation system we developed for Tinnitus rehabilitation.

Controls the Tinnitus loudness level that is detected.

Helps different memories at different aspects with white noise.

In-Situ Comfort Test

Developed to deliver more lively and clearer sounds, this new system offers to the user utmost hearing  comfort. As the structure of human requirement for sound is also indiviual and diffent. Developed basing on sound requirement of individuals, “comfort test” enables correct setting of individual adjustments..

Comfort Use

The same aid for left and right without any difference of mould

If you like, we may make smaller, customized CIC aid.

Benefits of new feature for you

  • Unique sound resolution and natural sound quality,
  • Safe precautions against feedbacks and whistles,
  • Perfect fine tuning tailored for specific hearing need, 
  • Comfort of use with extraordinary technology.
  • Soft transitions against sudden noise increases thanks to progressive noise suppression technology, reduces noises and warrants superior preformance of speech.
  •  Provides maximum speech clarity with dynamic comfort detection method  and incereases clarity.
  • Prevents data loss by using compression limiter against loud noises

Very small but a combined device.

Differences are growing

Offering you the superclass technology, Helix lets you enjoy high privileges 

Offering you comfortable of hearing and using comfort thanks to modern and challenging solutions.

Indistinguishability is the main target of Alfa2 line.

Customer satisfaction is as blessed as indispensable.


For those admitting hearing loss as a defect, it hides the defect within the ear.

For those concerning about visibility, it hides concerns within the ear.

 It gets nearly lost in the ear.

 Unique desing…

Acoustic Switch

Activated with a gentle tap on ear,

Switches between programs with a tap on ear,

Creates a pressure wave with such tap and changes feedback path and prevents whistling on ear.

Do you need more?

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