The value of technology increases when it is more closer to natural and admired by people. Confidence in technology starts with the presentation of equal performance in every environment in the active life.

Force’s wide frequency range offers to hear a wide spectrum of sounds and experience life in its natural state.

WHY Helix?

We are a globally recognized brand that never compromises on quality, delivering high-quality sound in any environment and providing an unrivaled hearing experience.

Our cutting-edge hearing technology enhances your hearing comfort and understanding and adds value to your life.


  • Force technology allows users to enjoy life by reducing the effort of listening and understanding.
  • Force technology refreshes the users with the features it offers and allows you to spare time for the happiness of life.
  • Force technology provides users with a unique speech experience by providing comfortable understanding.

FORCE Pediatrics

Technology that gives children confidence and
excitement of learning!

All words and sounds are indispensable elements for our children’s mental development, access to information, profession and interpretation of life.

Hearing aids that offer pure sound are the greatest necessity for our children, who are just learning and discovering the world, to be able to communicate successfully and meet their sound needs.

Force Pediatrics devices offer sound in a wide frequency range, with innovative hearing solutions suitable for all ages in childhood. Children’s world of sound becomes colorful with easy-to-use, high-performance and reliable pediatric devices.

Force Pediatrics devices are designed for children to pronounce words comfortably and interact freely with their teachers or friends in their spare time.

Perfect acoustic environment adaptation

Despite the various sound levels we encounter and combine in the busy cycle of life, it directs you to your main focus (while driving, riding the subway, in crowded shopping malls). It analyzes your surroundings and adapts your device to the structure of the environment with the autopilot system.

Understanding Speech in a noisy environment

Force technology is created for those with hearing loss who have trouble understanding in noisy environments and refocus on the speaker; it amplifies sounds from the front and attenuates sounds from behind, allowing users to listen for longer periods of time. Device increases comprehension by focusing on the speaker.

Natural listening comfort with FORCE Technology!

It keeps continuous noises such as the refrigerator, washing machine, and television at a slightly noticeable level to prevent disturbance. It calms the sounds by keeping loud sounds such as door and bells at a comfortable level. It creates a pleasant sound by increasing the conversations in the noisy background.


While even the slightest wind noise puts a lot of pressure on the hearing aid microphone and causes disturbance, the unique Force technology lowers the wind noise with a variety of solutions.

With Force technology; you can enjoy cycling, brisk walking and other sports activities without feeling the wind noise.

Super Feedback Manager: Force devices keep the user from being uncomfortable by preventing feedback with a special block system caused by sound cycle. All the process performed without causing the hearing aid to lose gain or causing the user to notice a change in sound.


Music that warms our souls, connects us to life, and refreshes us; unfortunately loses its vitality with hearing loss and causes us to move away from music gradually. Our connection to music is heavily affected depending on the level and type of hearing loss.

With Force technology, you will enjoy music to the utmost, and revert to the days when you didn’t have hearing loss.

Feel the music with Force technology’s wide frequency band and dynamic capabilities, and get the most out of your music.


User-friendly Force technology offers alternative solutions for each different types of hearing loss.

Force technology, developed according to user needs and expectations, offers maximum performance with its wide range of products, introducing you to unique solutions and making it easier for you to hear.

Force technology, captures and focuses on the sounds in the complex environment and reconnects you to life.

Force technology with Helix Clarity platform has faster processor system.


Force technology is equipped with parameters that increase sound resolution.

Force technology perfectly adapts to the hearing loss curve.

Force technology excels in noisy environments.

Force technology maximizes sound clarity by supporting perfect adaptation with up to 80 compression parameters and 49 channels according to device type.

Force technology allows wideband adaptation up to 12 kHz with its circuit.

Force technology keeps the ear safe in 16 channels against annoying loud sounds and prevents noise leakage in.

Force technology offers up to 8 different memory usage easily.

Force technology increases the user comfort with multi-functional button, warnings and notifications in English/German, activation delay, data logging,
sound level memory features.

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