Hearing aids must have sufficient quality and hardware to respond to sound needs of people, and they must be individually customized to all types of hearing loss.  Helix developed the TIE X product with this awareness in mind, which is always on the go and takes into account variances in lifestyle, workspace, and individual hearing demands.

Helix offers TIE X technology, which is the result of R&D studies to make your hearing aid customized, acting on the premise that each individual is unique.

TIE X introduces you to the concept of “natural sound” and personalizes it by demonstrating a unique technology for bringing sounds to more understandable level.

TIE X, which integrates all of the biometric elements of the ear to the hearing line, allowing you to hear the “most natural” sounds, transforms into a flawless device with its technology that has a distinct sound character.


Helix consistently refreshes itself and continues to be a ‘user-friendly’ brand by generating multiple levels of performance according to the needs of the customers, keeping up with changing and emerging technology.

Helix offers hearing aids in four different categories: Premium, Advanced, Comfort, and Basic as a solution for:

  • Comprehension issues that surface as hearing loss increases;
  • Understanding difficulties, which are exacerbated in adverse acoustic environments,
  • Increasing listening effort and accompanying fatigue as comprehension becomes more difficult,
  • Sound quality degradation as a result of environmental factors


  • It helps you to get higher sound quality and identify noises more quickly by adding all the functionalities of pinna to the transmission line.
  •  It is so tiny that it cannot be seen behind the ear or in the canal because of its stylish and simple design.
  • It is designed with clinically proven advanced technology to provide a more stress-free listening experience. 
  • It allows you to be more active in life and participate in the interactive world by connecting to smart mobile phones.
  • By using the most advanced future technology today, you will be among the first to benefit. In every aspect of your life, you will live safely and comfortably.
  • For example, in a restaurant, you will be able to understand your partner more easily; in a shopping mall, you will be able to speak comfortably despite the loudness; and in seminars, you will be able to hear the speeches more clearly.
  • It captures consonants more quickly and makes words easier to understand because it has a wide frequency application.
  • You can easily determine the direction of the sounds and follow the speaker more easily. It prevents you from focusing on the wrong direction, especially in group conversations.
  • While walking outside or sitting in a tea garden, you will not hear the wind noise.
  • Standard models do not require molds, you can start using your device immediately.
  • The device is long-lasting, and in the event of a technical issue, your hearing center will replace the broken part within three minutes, allowing you to continue hearing. You won’t have to wait for days for your device.


TIE X is equipped with 8 different listening programs with premium features.

TIE X technology brings even the most challenging acoustic situations to normal levels.

The intelligent recognition of the surroundings is a feature of the autopilot, which switches according to the natural environment.

The acoustic environment is automatically classified and the relevant program memory is activated.

The detection features are adjustable and the behavior of the device in any environment is completely flexible.

It can adapt to its surroundings by recognizing them in quiet environments, quiet speech environments, noisy environments, noisy speech environments, windy environments, and music environments.

It works synchronously with the automatic environment recognition in binaural adjusted hearing aids because of EartoEar technology, while providing superior adaption to every environment through automatic environment analysis.

According to the customized language, acoustic notifications activate sound level, program memory, and battery status.


With a variety of streaming choices, you may connect to different audio sources and get the most out of the music.

You can considerably boost your music enjoyment with the bandwidth of TIE X.

You can get the most out of your favorite song without the dynamic limitations.

You can experience maximum hearing while listening to live concerts.


It has the ability to reduce noise levels and strengthen speech as a genuine achievement of modern technologies.

The ‘next generation’ unique smart application of TIE X technology significantly calms the noise while offering the opportunity to adapt up to 49 frequency channels, offering unmatched hearing pleasure.

The Cleverear App integrated into the TIE X device was created to offer you a solution. You can personalize your environments, reduce the noise and adjust the volume with the Cleverear App.

You can get the performance you desire from your hearing aid with the Cleverear App.

DIRECT CONNECTION to Bluetooth Functions

When the phone rings, you perceive the sound through your device in both ears and hear it in both ears.

The wide frequency band, combined with its wide dynamic range, enables for a more detailed understanding of sounds. For all babies and children, every sound is essential. Every sound not only connects children to life better, but also gives them the opportunity to learn more about it.

Children can connect to life and current audio sources more easily with TIE X wireless technology, while listening to their lessons more comfortably with ConnectLine technology, and they can learn to talk earlier.

Furthermore, depending on the degree of hearing loss and the size of the ear canal, alternative length connection cables and standard or personal transducers modules can be used.

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