Helix TV

Eartechnic Smart Charging System

World first smart RF charging technology

  • It chargers the world first modular hearing system
  • Charging the world first in the canal REC & MIC hearing aid
  • It charges the TIE hearing aid, a new category in the acoustics industry

Helix TIE Hearing Aid

A New Category In The Hearing Industry

Helix Pediatrics Hearing Aids

Ich liebe diese natürliche Hörtechnologie

Helix Alfa3 BOX | Sometimes unexpected happiness welcomes you

Helix TIE - Happiness Suits You

Helix TIE - I Love Natural Hearing Technology

Helix TIE | World First Modular Hearing System

Helix Alfa3 The World Of Sound

Helix TIE | A New Category In The Hearing Industry

Helix TIE | Hearing Aid World First Modular System

Helix TIE | New Dimension in Hearing with TIE Modular Technology