Helix Hearing

We contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of those who have hearing problems with our superior innovative solutions!

Helix İşitme Cihazları

Hearing Acoustic Innovative solutions with Helix

  • The technology empowers the sound as required,
  • Offering all kinds of sounds with the wide frequency,
  • Concrete solutions for the problem of the era, chronic tinnitus,
  • Resistant to tough environmental conditions and more.

We are constantly working for the better!

We are constantly working to offer better people with hearing problems!


In pursuit of acquiring the best products with specifically designed devices, algorithms and expert R&D team. Our team of experts in the field keeps working on researches intensely to find a better device that understand people, interpret the feelings and shape according to the emotions.

International Success

Helix is increasingly gaining the appreciation from the experts in the hearing aid industry and hearing aid users, with the wide range of products and unique technologies. The sales network is growing stronger day by day with the exclusive service and quality. Each sales point monitored and controlled meticulously. It is expanding to new territories, in addition to the sales channels of over 40 countries.

Clinical Research

ENT doctors, audiologists and hearing acoustician specialized in the field are working to develop better and useful products.

Helix products show outstanding performance in tests at different university clinics. Continuously working with different universities around the world.

Principles of Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and sales strategies are unique and built on good aspects. Relation with the other manufacturers in the sector maintained in the ethical levels with merit and integrity.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an indispensable asset for us. We see that the quality of our services and success is being tested by our customers while the hearing world of users are taking a shape with these values. Level of our success is shaped with the scores given by the users. We are focused on high quality products and services rather than selling large numbers of products.

Manufacturing History:

A story of success lies in the history of technology.

Taking a look the history of Helix, it has signature under manufacturing of various technologies. Ear-Technic took ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE certificates and manufactures different series.