Solution for Tinnitus with Alfa2...

Tinnitus, always had made human life uncomfortable, uneasy and difficult with its 5,000 years of known history. There was no solution because it had no medicine, there was no solution because it had no successful therapy.

Helix is ​​now ending the unresolved problem with clinically proven technology. Helix has a prosperous transitioning to modern era with Tinnitus solutions with the development of frequency isolation system which has up to 90% success rate.

With Frequency Isolation System;

Disturbing Tinnitus frequencies are under the control.
One or more than one Tinnitus sounds are under the control.
Single or multiple Tinnitus frequencies are under the control with narrow and wide bands.

Thousands of people relieved with tinnitus frequency isolation system and living in peace with tinnitus.

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Explore the Alfa2 Series, which is designed specifically for tinnitus therapy, with a Frequency Isolation system!

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