World First Modular Hearing System

New Trend In Hearing

The signal transmission of the Tie is based on the adaptation of the ear’s natural working systems. Tie is as meticulous as possible to use all the functions of the auricle.

In the conventional behind-the-ear hearing aids, the Pinna functions are neglected. Different software is used for reducing signal comprehension problems, whereas no software can simulate Pinna functions.

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Advantages of
Tie New Generation
Hearing Aids

  • • It uses advantages of natural working system of Pinna
    • Easy to determine the direction
    • The effect of noise is lower
    • All consonants that are important for perception
    are more understandable
    • Wind effect is low as microphone
    is behind Tragus (canal)
  • • Offers excellent high performance while listening to music
    • Offers great therapy with T-FIS while microphone
    and receiver in the ear
    • Establishes the most natural transmission line
    • Mini and unique design offers excellent
    aesthetic appearance

Helix TIE | New Trend In Hearing

A new category in the hearing industry

Pediatrics Modular

Introduces the mini size hearing aids to infants a children

It offers high comfort

Mini device placed behind the ear, increases the possibility of use especially for babies

It makes application easier with different connector sizes

It can be given to all ages

Open or closed application is available

It can be applied to different hearing losses by changing transducers

Area of application: Mild to severe hearing loss

Pinna Etkisi

People who naturally hear, look at the world differently!


The benefits of Pinna;

1- It detects the natural direction of sound, especially between 2 kHz and 8 kHz.
2- The sound coming from behind is suppressed between 3 dB and 5 dB, so that the front sound can be perceived easily (especially between 2-5 kHz).
3- Contributes to the perception of consonants.
4- Allows transmission of high frequencies.
5- Suppresses noise.
6- Allows natural hearing.
7- Contributes to natural perception.

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